Byrobot Drone Fighter – Petrone 2.0 Double Package

Byrobot Drone Fighter – Petrone 2.0 Double Package

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  • PERFECT FOR DRONE ENTHUSIASTS & GAMERS WHO LOVE TO BATTLE – The Petrone battle drone is equipped with infrared transmitters/receivers and an innovative flight control system that uses sensor fusion technology so you can enjoy ultimate control while flying your drone with friends
  • A BATTLE DRONE THAT YOU CONTROL WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE – Comes with a control app that you download on your smartphone (compatible with Apple & Android). Use your phone to enable all the dynamic features of the Petrone such as auto-hovering, motion control, pattern flying, and all the incredible battle features
  • ROBUST DESIGN AND DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE – The Petrone comes equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, barometer, optical flow sensor and 160 feet range. When its energy runs out the Petrone will automatically land safely on the ground in defeat and the in-built turtle turn technology allows your drone to flip itself over from side to side while resting on a surface, so you can take your drone outside without any worry
  • DON’T FLY SOLO, ENJOY EPIC BATTLES WITH YOUR FRIENDS – If you have two or more Petrones, you can create battle teams and engage in battles using items such as “Demon Missile” and “Machine Gun” through control app on your smartphone. Every time a Petrone is “hit” by an infrared shot, the LED lights will flash and the controller will vibrate and make a sound while simultaneously decreasing its life energy, giving you an incredibly realistic battle experience
  • IMMERSIVE & INTERACTIVE DRONE EXPERIENCE – The Petrone is manufactured in Korea in accordance with the highest possible design and technology specifications. We offer round-the-clock customer support and a quality assurance guarantee so you can enjoy all the features of the finest battle drone on the market today

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