1/8 Outcast 6S 4WD Brushless

Scaled for serious stunts.

1/8 scale RTRs don't get any cooler–or faster–than the OUTCAST. The OUTCAST makes it easy for bashers to pull off sick stunts right out of the box. A high-angle wheelie bar, large-diameter tires and a precisely engineered wheelbase are the perfect ingredients to create the ultimate stunt truck. In addition to 60+ mph speed potential, the OUTCAST comes with a BLX 2050kV brushless motor, BLX185 ESC, Tactic TTX300 radio system and ADS-15M waterproof steering servo so you can flip and run with the best of the bunch.
  • 60+ mph speed potential out-of-the-box.
  • Equipped with a high-angle wheelie bar, large-diameter tires and a precisely engineered wheelbase for executing sick stunts.
  • Shorter chassis with longer suspension arms and wider offset hubs.
  • BLX 2050kV 4074 brushless motor.
  • BLX185 waterproof ESC.
  • Tactic TTX300 radio system.
  • ADS-15M waterproof 15 kg steering servo.
  • 2-year limited warranty, beginning at the date of purchase.

The all-new battery tray in the OUTCAST 6S model holds your batteries in TIGHT.

Soaking up a wide range of surfaces is made easy with the included red anodized adjustable shocks. Factory set to handle everything from fast speed runs to snow and mud chucking!

dBoots “Back-Flip” multi-surface tires provide awesome traction allowing you to flip, grip and perform tricks. They are mounted on strong and tough five-spoke wheels.

60+ mph speed potential out-of-the-box.

The ARRMA radio box is fully waterproof and dustproof. Designed to keep your 2.4Ghz receiver safe, no matter how much dirt and water you blast through.

Strong anodized aluminum parts used where it matters, providing strong, reliable performance.

Big air, back flips, tricks and stunts. Anything is possible for OUTCAST 6S.

Maintenance and cleaning is made hassle-free, encouraging you to service your OUTCAST 6S regularly.

The included BLX185 150A waterproof ESC provides consistent power control and is 6S LiPo ready.

The BLX 2050kV brushless motor provides speed and torque and is perfectly balanced for use with our BLX185 ESC unit.
ARRMA 1/8 OUTCAST 6S Stunt Truck 4WD RTR - TTX300 radio system

The TTX300 radio system will provide fast and consistent control for your ARRMA vehicle. Using 2.4Ghz technology, your ARRMA vehicle is controlled by a wheel and trigger style radio transmitter.

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