8 Degree Knuckle Weights

8 Degree Knuckle Weights

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Specifically designed to work with Vanquish Products wheels and VP 8 Degree knuckles
Made from Solid 1 5/8 brass rod
Outer diameter is 1.600in
Precision CNC machined
Weighs in at 3.5oz or 99g
Easy to install  front mount with 3 screws
Allows full 50 degree steering in both directions and clearance for steering link
Precision fit with Vanquish Products 8 degree knuckle  leaves no room to move under impact
Installation does not cause bearing distortion
Knuckle weights fit all Vanquish Products 2.2 wheels
Depending on hub you may be limited on the number of ring you can run  See below for a complete list
Use Brasso brass polish for long lasting shine.
Use low strength locktite to ensure mounting screws do not come loose over time  do not over tighten screws  they only need to be snug

Wheel Guide:
SLW Wheel with 225 hubs can add 2ea. 1/8 rings= 4.88oz.
SLW Wheel with 350 hubs can add 3ea. 1/8 rings= 5.57oz.
SLW Wheel with 475 hubs can add 4ea. 1/8 rings= 6.26oz.
SLW Wheel with 600 hubs can add 5ea. 1/8 rings= 6.95oz.
SLW Wheel with 725 hubs can add 6ea. 1/8 rings= 7.64oz.
SLW Wheel with 850 hubs can add 7ea. 1/8 rings= 8.33oz.
DH Procomp Wheel with 335 hubs can not add rings
DH Procomp Wheel with 460 hubs can add 1ea. 1/8 rings. = 4.19 oz.
DH Procomp Wheel with 585 hubs can add 2ea. 1/8 rings. = 4.88oz.
DH Procomp Wheel with 710 hubs can add 3ea. 1/8 rings. = 5.57oz.
DH Procomp Wheel with 835 hubs can add 4ea. 1/8 rings. = 6.26oz.
DH ProCOmp II with 335 Does not fit.
DH ProCOmp II with 460 Does not Fit.
DH ProCOmp II with 585 Does Fit. But no extra rings.
DH ProCOmp II with 710 hubs can add 1ea. 1/8 rings. = 4.19oz. 114g
DH ProCOmp II with 835 hubs can add 2ea. 1/8 rings. = 4.88oz. 134g

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