AX90018 1/10 Wraith 4WD Rock Racer RTR


The Wraith™ Ready-to-Run 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD Rock Racer is another "FIRST" for Axial with the first and most realistic full tube-frame chassis design that is manufactured with high strength composite materials. The Wraith™ IS BUILT TO GO FAST and is not just a low speed rock crawler.



True 4-wheel drive locked differentials are included for improved traction and an offset pumpkin provides more ground clearance and a better driveshaft angle. Additionally, the rear axle has been shaved of any unnecessary items and steering linkages that normally stick down have been removed for as much ground clearance as possible. The AR60 OCP-Axle™ is constructed from high strength composite material which has a low flex rate but is not as brittle as standard glass filled nylon. The AR60 OCP-Axle™ tubes are reinforced and beefed up with a boxed-in axle truss to distribute stress over a larger area. The combination of our axles and a true 4-link suspension gives you optimal performance for any terrain with the look of a real 1:1 vehicle.

Axial competition style shocks feature threaded shock bodies for tuning and easy pre-load adjustment, 3.5mm titanium nitride coated shock shafts for reduced lateral movement, silicone diaphragms for a more consistent feel and silicone bushings to prevent binding.
The suspension geometry utilizes a 4-Link design which is optimized to reduce axle steer and to have the proper amount of anti-squat and roll characteristics. The 4-Link system also aids against suspension wrap-up in high power applications.

The Axial Wraith™ changes the game with its impressive 1:1 scale looks, high-speed monster truck "bashability," and technical "crawl" capabilities. The Wraith™ is the most versatile vehicle satisfying the needs of a wide range of enthusiasts.

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