Battle Drone

Drone PETRONE Fighter

Innovative flying battle system

Fighting 1 vs 1 another PETRONE, you can make different types of real-life drones duals. OFFLINE, you can send invisible missiles to another drone by infrared ! ONLINE, you can create a personal profile and access various evolving combat weapons. Choose a name, a different color from your ennemy and have fun !

3-in-1 unique drone concept

PETRONE is a flying battle drone which can be transformed into mini remote-controlled car or into mini flying camera, thanks to 2 optional kits: the DRIVE kit and the FPV kit. Thanks to its modular design, the transformation of Petrone to Petrone Drive or Petrone FPV is done easily and quickly, without tools !


Control threw PETRONE app

PETRONE is controlled by the eponymous downloadable app for free on App Store and Google Play. Compatible with iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.4+ devices, the application provides access to many features and remotely control the drone via Bluetooth 4.0 up to 20m. You can choose between steering by joysticks or motion control (movements by tilting the smartphone). It will be often updated and some new functions will be added.

Technological achievement

PETRONE is a highly technology product signed by the korean brand BYROBOT. Fitted with an innovative flight controller, 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer, this flying robot offers incredible stability. Its high resolution air pressure sensor and optical flow stabilization system controls the altitude and allow to perform accurate hovering flights.

  Auto flight path

You can draw a shape with your fingertip on the screen and thus set a flight path. Press “Play”, PETRONE will automatically follow the pre-defined path. If you opt for the optional camera available in FPV kit, this feature will allow you to perform aerial shots very easily !

Smart flight simulator

You are new drone pilot? No problem ! Go to the flight simulator available on Petrone application and work out before actually taking command of your drone. Ideal for beginners and get familiar with the sensitivity of the joysticks. Easy to fly, taking off and landing are triggered automatically, with a simple finger swipe on the screen!

Smart flight simulator You are new drone pilot? No problem…
180° turnaround flip In case of drone rollover, no need…

180° turnaround flip

In case of drone rollover, no need to move it back into position, simply complete the 180° flip in one click so that PETRONE returns to its normal position. Easy to make and very convenient, this feature will be of great help to get you out of an impasse ! Turn around like a turtle: explanations in this video just here.

Follow Me function

This feature allows the drone to follow the smartphone used to pilot. The Follow Me is very convenient, especially to record movies when the FPV kit is installed on the drone. No need to worry about the driving, the drone naturally follows the pilot. Demo video available on our Youtube channel: here.

Follow Me function This feature allows the drone to follow…
Voice control In addition to the joystick control or sensor…

Voice control

In addition to the joystick control or sensor control, voice command will be available soon ! The basic functions such as “Take off”, “Up”, “Down”, “Front” and “rear” are saved by default. Simply say it, so that the drone automatically follows your flight instructions. This innovative and constantly evolving feature will continuously being improved. Be sure to update your application every Friday !



Autonomy 6-8 minutes
LiPo battery 300mAh 3.7V
Charge time: 40 minutes
Size 135x135x25mm / Weight 37g
Motion control + Pattern flying
Turtle turn
Voice control + Follow Me (coming soon)


IR for battle play
Optical flow sensor for auto hovering
3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer + high resolution air pressure sensor for altitude control


Range 20m with Bluetooth 4.0
PETRONE app – iOS 7.0+/ Android 4.4+


Included in the pack:

2 propeller guards
4 spare propellers
Propeller remover
LiPo battery 300mAh
Battery charger
USB cable
User manual

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