Multiplex FunCub Kit 55' M214243

Multiplex FunCub Kit 55' M214243

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This is the radio controlled  electric powered
Multiplex FunCub Trainer Airplane Kit.
For Beginner Modeler/Fliers.

Construction: Elapor foam white in color
Wings: Two-piece all foam
Radio Compartment: Accessible under wing
Aileron Control: Dual servo
Landing Gear: Main  prebent fixed wire 0.087' (2.2mm) diameter
tailgear  prebent 0.039' (1mm) diameter wire
Wheels: Main  two Elapor foam 4.75' (120mm)  foam 2' (51mm)
Canopy: Elapor foam  detaches easily for battery access
Decals: Peel and stick application with red and silver accents and
black and gray window detail
Building Time: Ready to fly in several hours

Pre-molded wings  fuselage and tail assemblies  pushrods  all
hardware  pre-bent 0.039' (1mm) wire landing gear  two 4.75'
(120mm) main wheels  2' (51mm) tailwheel  plastic motor mount
two fiberglass wing spars  two decal sheets  photo-illustrated
instructions and tow hook

FunCub Power Pack #M993243 (MPUG9343)  this includes brushless
electric motor  electronic speed control  propeller and accessories
(we recommend APCQ3078 as a replacement prop)
Battery: 2100-2500mAh LiPo
Battery Connector Set: WSDM3001
Battery Charger: LiPo compatible with balancer
Radio: At least 6-channel
Servos: Two micro (rudder & elevator)
Two to four (aileron)
Misc. Items: Building and field equipment

Wingspan: 55.1' (1400mm)
Wing Area: 588 sq in (38 sq dm)
All Up Weight: 39.9oz (1130g)
Wing Loading: 9.8oz/sq in (30g/sq dm)
Length: 38.6' (980mm)
Airfoil: Flat bottom high-wing placement
Center of Gravity: 3.1' (80mm) Back from the wing's leading edge
at the fuselage
Control Throws-
Elevator: Up 0.59' (15mm)  Down 0.47' (12mm)
Rudder: Right to Left 0.59' (15mm)

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