Porsche 962 #14 21011

Porsche 962 #14 21011

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HO Scale Mega-G Porsche 962 #14 Slot Car by AFX.            
FEATURES: The new Mega-G chassis makes it possible to create stunning bodies  
            that take realism to levels never before seen in 1/64th scale     
          Superb graphics that use up to 6 colors                             
          Up to 30% lighter than any other HO chassis (way more fun to drive) 
          Lowest and narrowest chassis ever made (much more realistic bodies) 
          Lowest center of gravity (corners better than any other chassis)    
          Fastest production chassis made (smokes the competition)            
          Exclusive extra long tapered guide pin (car stays in the slot longer)
          Unique Monocoque Chassis (lighter  stronger  out-handles the        
          Polymer Motor Magnets (up to 20% more powerful than larger ceramic  
          Level 30 Neodymium ground effects magnets (car stays on the track)  
          Nylatron Chassis (super strong and tough)                           
INCLUDES: One Mega-G Porsche 962 #14 Slot Car


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