RC10B6 2WD Buggy Team Kit

RC10B6 2WD Buggy Team Kit

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Notes from our tech department:

This is the 1/10 scale Electric Powered  Radio Controlled
RC10B6 Team Buggy Kit from Team Associated

Hot high-traction action!

The 1/10, 2WD RC10B6 Team Kit has the trophy-taking foundation drivers need to experience hot, high-traction action! Key features include a hard-anodized aluminum pocketed chassis, a 3-gear laydown Stealth transmission, Big Bore threaded aluminum shocks, a reverse bellcrank steering rack design, infinite fine-tuning ability and more.
  • Reverse bellcrank steering rack design allows more room for electronics.
  • Repositioned A plate provides maximum front end clearance.
  • One-piece steering blocks with bolt-on Ackermann plate.
  • Front/rear sway bar integration simplifies tuning (sway bars sold separately).
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum C plate and aluminum ball stud mount.
  • Gull wing front arms with wide shock tower results in lower CG and increased on-power steering.
  • Gear differential provides more cornering speed and forward acceleration.
  • Upgraded ball cups and turnbuckles allow for more precise adjustments and durability.
  • Aluminum front axle and rear hexes for less rotating mass and increased toughness.
  • Adjustable battery hold-down strap allows weight bias tuning.
  • Turf/carpet/clay configuration.
  • Hard-anodized aluminum pocketed chassis. Optional weights (sold separately) allow weight bias tuning.
  • 2WD.
  • Team Associated clear body and screw-mounted wing by JConcepts™.
  • V2 0.5” (12 mm) Big Bore threaded aluminum shocks with 0.1” (3 mm) TiN-coated shafts and low-friction x-rings for improved smoothness.
  • Factory Team aluminum shock bushings provide stable shock mounts.
  • Shocks can be mounted on the front or rear arms.
  • 3-gear laydown Stealth™ transmission for lower-CG and reduced polar movement.

Hard-anodized aluminum pocketed chassis.
Associated RC10B6 Team Kit - transmission
3-gear laydown Stealth transmission.
Associated RC10B6 Team Kit - shock

Carbon fiber shock towers and gull-wing front arms with three shock mounting positions.
Associated RC10B6 Team Kit - Battery Straps

Adjustable battery hold-down strap.

The differences between the RC10B6 and RC10B6D are as follows;
The RC10B6 is configured for high to very-high traction surfaces.
The RC10B6D is configured for low to high traction surfaces.
RC10B6 RC10B6D
Laydown Transmission Upright Transmission
Gear Differential Ball Differential
Gull Wing Front Suspension Arms Flat Front Suspension Arms
Wide Front Shock Tower Narrow Front Shock Tower


Chassis: Hard anodized aluminum  0.098' (2.5mm) thick pocketed
chassis  optional weights (not included) allow weight bias tuning
repositioned A plate provides maximum front end clearance
Drive: Two wheel drive with heavy duty rear axle  aluminum front
axle and rear hexes for less rotating mass
Transmission: Stealth laydown 3-gear type offers lower CG and
reduced polar moment
Differential: Gear type for greater speed and forward acceleration
Suspension: Gull-wing front arms for lower CG and increased on-
power steering  updated ball cups and turnbuckles for precise
adjustment and durability
Motor Mount:
central positioning for optimum side-to-side balance
Shocks: V2 12mm Big Bore aluminum body with 3mm TiN coated shafts
and low friction X-rings for improved smoothness  Factory Team
aluminum shock bushings  rear shocks may be mounted on front or
rear of rear arms
Ball Bearings: Full set Factory Team upgraded
Steering: One-piece blocks with bolt-on Ackermann plate  Ackermann
refers to the effect of the inner front wheel rotating faster than
the outer front wheel during turns  reverse bell-crank steering
rack design offers more room for electronics
Body: Clear buggy  screw-mounted wing by JConcepts
Battery Hold-Down Strap: Adjustable to allow weight bias tuning


RC10B6 Team Buggy Kit with Body  Rear Wing  Shocks  Decals and
Instruction Manual


Radio: 2-channel with high-torque steering servo
Motor: 540 size
ESC: Compatible with selected motor
Battery: 7.4V LiPo or 6.6V LiFe  saddle  shorty or square pack
Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery
Wheels: 1/10 scale buggy
Tires: 1/10 scale buggy
Pinion Gear: 48P
Paint  building and track equipment


Length  Width and Weight will vary depending on equipment used
Wheelbase: 11-11.1' (280-282mm)
Length: 11.4' (289mm)
Width: 5' (127mm)
Height: 2.8' (71mm)

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