Transmission 2-Speed Gear Set SCX10 AX31440

Transmission 2-Speed Gear Set SCX10 AX31440

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Compatible with the Axial AX31439 SCX10 Transmission Set

AX31372 M2.6x8mm Hex Socket Flat Head Screws
AXA0055 M2.6x12mm Flat Head Screws
AXA117 M3x15mm Hex Socket Button Head Screws
AXA0109 M3x10mm Oversized Flat Head Socket Screws
AXA1392 E2 E-Clips
AXA1391 E4 E-Clips
AX30163 Pin 2.0x10mm
AXA1221 Bearing 5x11x4mm
AX31475 Machined Gear 48P 18T
AX31130 High Speed Transmission Gear Set (48P 26T  48P 28T)
AX31440-4 2-Speed Shift Gear 48P 28T
AX31440-5 2-Speed Shift Gear 48P 36T
AX31334 2-Speed Hi/Lo Steel Slider
AX31440-3 2- Speed Hi/Lo Shifter Fork
AX31440-2 2-Speed Hi/Lo Shifter Fork
AX31440-1 Spacer 6.5x24.5
AX31009 Mini Servo Saver Mold
AX31009 Servo Saver Spring
AX80068 Linkage Set

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