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Meet New ARRMA 1/7 BigRock

Supersized to 1/7 scale and amped up with 6S platform power, this BIG ROCK™ 4x4 blasts like only the big ones can! With ARRMA® durability and performance plus a detailed, rugged truck body, it's a massive, dirt-chucking monster capable of 65+ mph speeds.

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Top 10 RC Rock Clawer

Highly articulated chassis, powerful high-torque motors, and giant tires make Rock Crawlers the ultimate go anywhere vehicle

Best Drift RC

RC drift cars are one of the fastest-growing areas of the RC car and truck hobby. Drifting with remote-control is just as fun and challenging

RTF Basic Airplane

RTF (Ready-To-Fly) RC airplanes are fully built and always come with a radio and engine (or motor) installed.

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